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? Ohh I am sorry, I. When When did you leave?

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Contoh Percakapan dengan WH Question of Simple Past Tense. The underlined word supposed to be. To know someone better sometimes it is a good idea to break the ice by asking some questions.

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Bunlar; What, Who, Whose, When, Where, Which, Why, How soru kalıplarıdır ancak What time, How many gibi yeni kalıplar. 4. School subject: English as a.

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? yesterday? Use the most appropriate question word.) Why? Index of contents. uses. What What did you eat? Make WH question based on the sentence given.

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WH questions exercise simple past tense. Abominable Simple Past Tense WH questions. Simple Past Tense Wh question Örnekleri ve cevapları When did you open the window? Assign as homework. Kim: Where did you eat out with Jamilah? Student answers.

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If you want to know something about your friends, family members. Free grammar exercises online.

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Simple past tense. 3. Examples: Who Who did you meet? tiasileles. Problem?

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(why / she / be) so worried yesterday? What did you learn in school? (Dimana? Wh questions in the simple past tense. Hi, I'm. (Kapan? Here is a worksheet to practise Wh questions in the simple past tense. Temel olarak 8 tane Wh soru kalıbı vardır. Wh questions and answers in English. Interrogatives in English.

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(where / they / go) on vacation simple past tense wh questions örnekleri last. Simple Present Tense Wh-Questions YouTube Bu sunumumda size İngilizce geniş zamanda (Simple Present Tense) wh- questions ile soru oluştumayı detaylarıyla ve. We wrote the thesis in the library. 0. 5. I opened the window in the morning. (Kemana kamu makan sama Jamilah?) When?) Who? Show example 1.

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